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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Images from the Weekend

The Mr sings with a men's choir at church. They got together this weekend for a barbeque and to say "goodbye" to an outgoing member.

While the festivities were going on, I managed to snap some wildlife shots...

... some finches in the birdfeeder...

... wind sculpture in the garden...

... hawk flying overhead.

And here is a shot of The Kingsmen (The Mr is the youngster of the group).
They are a talented group of men - and the rest of us had the good fortune of being serenaded at the end of the party!

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  1. That hawk photo is awesome! You are a great photographer!

  2. great pictures! i LOVE the birds on the bird feeder!

  3. I love these pics! You're so lucky to be able to see this in your own backyard. We rarely see much here since our yard is so small, but today I saw two hummingbirds and I couldn't believe my a bunny snuck under the fence again! :) I only had my camera phone so I'll have to download those and see if they turned out at all. Not likely since hummingbirds are so small and fast!