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Monday, May 18, 2009

From the Weekend...

The Girl had her confirmation this weekend.  She'll be 12 in August, finishing 6th grade this year.  She's also going to surpass me in height probably by the end of the year - both The Mr and The Girl's mom are tall... and I am not.  I tell both kids that when they are taller than me, I will have to be meaner to keep them in line.  Their response is exactly what you would imagine. ;-)  

At any rate, she did a wonderful job in front of the church.  She was the only one being confirmed, and she was very calm and poised.  We're proud of her!

She is pictured above with her step-dad, the minister of her church.  The Mr and I are very grateful that The Boy and The Girl have a really wonderful step-dad.  

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