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Friday, May 01, 2009

Backyard Birds

We added another honeybird (hummingbird) feeder to our backyard this weekend. We get lots of honeybirds back there and thought we might get even more with an additional feeder.

This is what I saw today...

Here he is before he knows I am behind him.

He hears me and turns...

... and then flies away!

I just LOVE watching these little guys. They are also pretty aggressive and will come to the feeders when we are standing in the yard... they will even dive at us to get us to move!
If you want to see some really amazing backyard nature photos, check out Abe Lincoln's blog. Almost all of his photos are taken in his yard in Ohio... and he is a fabulous nature photographer.
(P.S. Don't tell our honeybird, but I saw an Oriole in 'his' feeder yesterday!)

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  1. i love humming bird feeders! my old neighbor used to have one. they are incredible to watch!

  2. HOW LOVELY!!!!! I am OBSESSED with birds. This is too cute.