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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Busy Day

The day before vacation is always busy.  We picked up my sister at lunchtime, had some lunch, got some of my favorite body butter for our trip, got pedicures, picked up my dresses at the tailor and came home to get ready for dinner.

We had an interesting dinner with the whole family tonight.  We ate at Bali Hai, a wonderful Polynesian restaurant which has fantastic views of the San Diego Harbor... you can even see the cruise ship terminal from there!  Good place for the dinner before vacation starts!

I think we are almost ready:
  • Everything packed except the computers and the camera.  We'll save those for morning.
  • Father-in-law scheduled to pick us up at 10:30 tomorrow morning.
  • Ship boarding passes printed, passports and travel docs ready.
  • Need to print out cat care instructions for in-laws.  Though they have taken care of the cats countless times and have three cats of their own, they always want written instructions.
  • Need to pack up the perishables in the refrigerator for in-laws to take home.
  • Need to get some rest!  
Off to bed we go - next time you hear from me, we'll be sailing to Hawaii!  

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