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Friday, March 20, 2009

Birthday Bowling!

This evening we took time out from our vacation prep (yikes - when am I going to pack???) to celebrate our friend Paul's birthday!!   Paul works for the same company as The Mr and I, and he performed our wedding ceremony.

We met at East Village Tavern and Bowl (for those in San Diego, this is a fun new place to hang) up with Paul and his wife Toni, and friends Jessica and Roy, and Tammy and Doug.

Here's the Birthday Boy, enjoying bowling (as he naturally would, since he won every game...)

This is The Mr about to let loose the ball.  Neither of us is very good at bowling, but we have a good time!
Jessica throws a mean strike!

And I had to get proof that at least at one time in one game, I was winning!!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Paul!!


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1 comment:

  1. How fun!! We have not been bowling since this summer! (when the baby was too little to escape! lol) Now I want to go!