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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catching Up Tuesday

First things first. My sister is doing really well after her surgery. She said her throat still hurts (making me wonder if the surgeon knew where they were supposed to do the surgery?? ;-) ) but other than that is mostly OK. She gets to recover from that (and go on our cruise to Hawaii!) and then radiation and potentially chemo. Thanks again for all your support - your kind thoughts and prayers really mean a lot to my sister, my family and to me.

With that unpleasant and stressful experience over, we can focus on our upcoming vacation! 11 days! My to-do list is long - here's a start...

  • Packing list (mostly done)

  • Formal dresses are at the tailor (she promised I would have them back by next Thursday)

  • Finish the Cruise Shirts (my sister's logo is perfect! now just need to get them printed)

  • Get camera equipment ready

  • Finish booking shore excursions and planning tour itineraries (anyone have ideas on what to do for one day in Kona or Lahaina?)

  • Finalize Meet & Greet for cruise website group (this has been tons of fun in the past - and we generally get to meet the Hotel Manager - the 2nd in command of the ship, Cruise Director, Food and Beverage Maanager... and maybe this time even the Captain! We've also had lots of invitations to personal tours of the ship and private parties because of these meetings)

  • Make sure "Cat Care" instructions are up to date (in-laws are taking care of the fur-babies while we are gone)

  • Schedule "surprise" on-board gift for The Mr

That's the beginning - I better get on it!

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  1. I loved Kona and Lahaina!
    Kona has a lot of little shops and is just a great place to relax, nothing real fancy there. Then Lahaina has lots of shops and people will take you out on boats and you can do a number of great things! They usually have some sort of fair or something at the park, with the one big tree, you can look online and see if they'll have anything the day you'll be there.
    YAY! I'm so excited for you!

  2. That is one heck of a list, but all for a good cause, the vacation! Whoo-hoo!

    I'm glad your sister is doing well after the surgery, thanks for letting us know.

  3. have a great time on your trip! we loved our cruise to hawaii!