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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting To Christmas

Today 12/11 after work - The Mr's boss' Christmas party, karate for The Boy, practice for the weekend concert

Friday 12/12 - concert #1

Saturday 12/13 - concert #2, take the family to see the amazing lights on Christmas Card Lane

Sunday 12/14 - play handbells in church, concert #3

Monday 12/15 - holiday baking!

Tuesday 12/16 - handbell Christmas Party

Wednesday 12/17 - finish holiday baking

Thursday 12/18 - holiday party at The Mr's co-worker, The Girl's piano recital, concert #4

Friday & Saturday 12/19 & 12/20 - blessed quiet time!

Sunday 12/21 - The Boy and The Girl have a Christmas pageant

Monday 12/22 - any last minute holiday shopping and wrapping

Tuesday 12/23 - holiday party at Darren & Darla's house

Wednesday 12/24 - play handbells at midnight Christmas Eve service

Thursday 12/25 - celebrate Christmas with The Mr's parents, then fly the family to Minnesota to spend a week with my family

Holy Cow! I wonder if we'll make it?!!

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  1. Oh my goodness...looks worse than my schedule! Good luck!

  2. Oh wow, you are even busier than we thought! We played handbells a couple of times at church - it was fun!

    Hope your week ahead is wonderful!