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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Bunch of Baking!

I baked 24 dozen cookies today... and I've still got two types of cookies left to bake!

Here's a glimpse of my handiwork...

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  1. Did I read that right---24 Dozen?! Let me do the math....288 cookies! Impressive :)

  2. Well, YUM! Can you add my baking to your list too? ;o) Also, sent you an email, but still waiting for a reply...I need your address for the pay it forward. You can email it to me at Thanks!

  3. wow! those look fantastic. i just got really hungry...

  4. YUM!! They look great!!

    Thanks for playing!! I'll give you the letter L! Have fun!

  5. What lovely pictures!!!! That's a LOT of cookies!!!!