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Friday, November 01, 2013

10 Super Side Dishes

Now that we've enjoyed all of our Halloween activities and eaten our share of Halloween candy, it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving, but I think we shortchange it a bit in our race to Christmas.  In an attempt to be deliberate about enjoying each part of this holiday season, I put together 10 of my favorite side dishes, appropriate for the Thanksgiving table.

  1. Spicy Sour Cream Hash Browns - This particular recipe has been a family favorite for many years, and makes its way to just about every family holiday meal.
  2. Roasted Ranch Root Vegetables - Looking for a way to get your kids to eat any vegetable that isn't covered in ranch dressing?  Try this recipe - it has the flavor of ranch but lets the sweet natural flavor of the vegetables shine through.
  3. Grilled Artichokes with Herb Aioli - Break out the grill for this artichoke recipe.  Before trying this recipe, I'd never had artichokes with anything besides butter.  Glad I decided to broaden my range.
  4. Coconut Pineapple Rice - Simple to make, with loads of tropical flavor.
  5. Rosemary and Thyme Shortbread - These are fantastic.  Salty and sweet, herbaceous and buttery, with a hint of pepper.  And the smell that fills your house as they are baking is out of this world! 
  6. Fresh Corn Salad - This is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and spicy from the corn and cheese and jalapenos.  Yum!
  7. Spicy Corn and Pepper Casserole -  I love corn (could eat it every single day) and I love peppers (ditto).  And this casserole brings those flavors together in a wonderful, creamy, spicy combination that is out of this world.  Give it a whirl! 
  8. Roasted Potatoes with Lemon Vinaigrette - Oh my, are these tasty.  Crisp and hot with lovely herb-y lemon flavor. 
  9. Sweet and Spicy Cornbread - This is wonderful hot from the over, with butter and honey.  Perhaps habanero honey if you're looking for a bit of extra oomph!
  10. Italian Rice Balls - Serve with your favorite marinara sauce, and enjoy the delicious, melty insides and the crispy outside!

Which ones do you think would be delicious on your Thanksgiving table?

zentMRS - Love in the Kitchen
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