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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert

One of our Christmas traditions, at least since 2002, has been to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas show.  If you don't think you know TSO, here's what wikipedia has to say about them:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) is an American progressive rock band founded in 1993 by producer, composer, and lyricist Paul O'Neill, who brought together Jon Oliva and Al Pitrelli (both members of Savatage) and keyboardist and co-producer Robert Kinkel to form the core of the creative team. 
Since then, TSO has sold more than 9 million concert tickets and over 8 million albums. The band's musical style incorporates classical, orchestral, symphonic, and progressive elements into hard rock and heavy metal. The band has released a series of rock operas: Christmas Eve and Other Stories, The Christmas Attic, Beethoven's Last Night, The Lost Christmas Eve (the final installment of their Christmas trilogy), and their two-disc Night Castle. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is also known for their extensive charity work and elaborate concerts, which include a string section, a light show, lasers, pyrotechnics, moving trusses, video screens, and effects synchronized to music.

You may not think you know them, but you've almost certainly heard their song "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo" which has been on numerous commercials and which is the song that you've probably heard with the highly decorated houses with synchronized lights and music.

They put on a wonderful show - a combination Christmas story and rock concert.  Though the story was different this year (different than it has been for at least the past 10 years... which I haven't decided if I liked or didn't like) the show was just as wonderful and quite a spectacular light and pyrotechnic event!

The first part of the the show is narrated (so that you know the Christmas story they tell).

Lots of Christmas music adapted for a rock show.  And lots of lights.  And fire.

They send a couple of the musicians up on platforms in the middle of the audience!

And more lights!

Something I always like - a couple of the most popular musicians spend some time playing in the audience.  It's pretty impressive to see them run through the crowd while still playing (one is guitar and one is electric violin).

And here's just a few of the many (many!) buses and trucks that support the band.

Thanks for the great show TSO - we'll see you next year!

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  1. They come through here, too, but I've never been. What a light show, though! Looks spectacular.