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Sunday, December 09, 2012

John Williams is the Man!

Our third fabulous concert in as many weeks.  We saw John Williams conduct the San Diego Symphony - they played a number of his famous compositions, from Close Encounters to Harry Potter to Star Wars.  Fabulous show!

They played the theme from Schindler's List too, and John Williams told the story about when he first began working on that project.  He said that he went to Steven Spielberg's house to watch the movie, after which, they would talk about the music.  After he saw the movie, he was so moved, that he needed to walk around for a bit to compose himself (so to speak).  He came back and said to Steven Spielberg "You need a better composer for this movie.  I'm not good enough."  Steven replied "I know, but they're all dead."

The show was really wonderful - he did four (!) encores!  The last was The Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme) and it was fantastic!  I highly recommend seeing him if he comes to a symphony near you.

Star Wars fans may enjoy this tribute to John Williams.

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