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Friday, October 21, 2011

Homecoming Preview

The Girl is in Marching Band at her high school (she's a freshman this year - what fun!) and today is the big homecoming game!

The band will play the National Anthem

And we will all face the flag with the sun setting behind it.

The team will be ready!

And I expect their coach will have lots to say to them.

The Wolf Pack's mascot will be pacing on the sidelines.

The band and color guard will put on a fantastic halftime show!

And there will be more football....

... with (hopefully) a fabulous outcome!

Is there anything like a high school homecoming game on a Friday night?

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  1. Nothing like it--how cool that your girl is in the band!

  2. I sooooo miss all the excitement of this night! I taught high school English for 18 yrs. before "retiring" to have my own children. There had to be some perk to being pregnant and 40, and it wasn't lugging essays and Mr. Shakespeare 90 miles 'round trip five days a week! I still miss it though, and it's been almost ten years! Thanks for the memories!