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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mammoth Mountain Skiing - Part 2

First on the agenda?  Renting skis.  We don't go often enough to warrant buying our own equipment.  So we rent.  Which gave The Mr time to talk to his boss's boss.  They like him at his job. 

But it was worth the wait.  Amazing skiing.  We skiied Tuesday to Friday.  I LOVE mid-week skiing.  No people, nicely groomed slopes, no lift-lines.  Empty hot tubs in the evening.  Divine!

OK - so there were some people... but this was Friday.  And even on Friday, not too many people.

I'm not a fabulous skier.  Advanced blue.  Depending on the resort.  At Mammoth, an advanced blue skier has a lot of opportunity to ski a lot of different areas.  There is even an advanced blue run off the top of the mountain.  This?

Is the top of the mountain.  Do you see the snow coming up over the top?  That's because it is super windy.  I mean super windy. Nevertheless, we took the gondola up to the top.
The status board at the top said that the temperature was 9F and the wind was 60 - 70 MPH.

9F is pretty chilly for this SoCal girl - it means I'm not going to take off my mask for pictures.  ;-)

Any idea how windy 60 - 70 mph winds are?  Well, you can see a bit of it in the snow that is whirling about up here at 11,053 feet, give or take.

Did you know that 60 - 70 mph winds can blow you around pretty well?  I didn't either, until that morning.  The advanced blue from here is not very steep, but it is along the ridge line.  Very steep on either side, but as long as you stay on the ridge line, it's not bad. 

Did I mention the wind?  Wind that can blow you over?  We decided that the wind was bad enough so that we had to stop partway down the first part the run, and then we had to turn around and walk back up. 

Have you ever walked up a ski slope?  In the wind?  Let me just tell you that it is not pleasant.  Better than getting blow off the side of the mountain however.

We took the gondola down.  And the status board that we read when we got off earlier?  Now said "Experts Only".  So we made a good choice I think.

That small "adventure" aside, the skiing was wonderful, the views spectacular, and the company the best.
We skiied all over the map - from the time the lifts opened in the morning, until the last run of the afternoon. 

Really an incredible trip, and we can't wait until we can head to the mountains again!


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  1. so cool. Love to experience this trip through photos and stories because ME on a mountain where it is cold.......not something I would want to do....but still LOVE reading about and seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing.