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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

London Part 1


I lived in London for a time when in college and was so excited to be going back. We took an overnight flight and landed just after noon. We took the train and then the tube to Notting Hill and walked to our hotel.

By the time we were checked in and settled it was after 4:00, and, as neither of us had really slept on the flight, we were tired!  But, our goal was to stay up until 9:00 or so because we wanted to minimize the effects of jet lag.  Our hotel was quite close to Kensington Park, so we decided a walk was in order.

Our feet on the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk

The Mr at the Prince Albert Memorial, across the street from the Royal Albert Hall

Beautiful trees
A lovely sunset - and someone who has been awake for too many hours

After a lovely walk, we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe in Green Park (the original) for dinner, and then to Harrods for a bit of shopping!

Day 2 started slow. We were more impacted by jetlag than we wanted to be, but managed to get up and moving fairly early. First on the agenda was picking up our London Pass. I had purchased London Passes before we left. They gave us free entry to many different spots, and turned out to be a great deal for us.

We had lunch at Garfunkels near Trafalgar Square and started to plan out our days. (I love the red phone booths - very British!).  We took some pictures there and then headed the the National Gallery.  The National Gallery houses a huge collection of Western European paintings from the 13th century through the 19th century.  Quite overwhelming - and, no photography allowed.  (we found this at many places in London)

Once we were finished in the National Gallery, we headed across the river to the London Eye.  Very tall ferris wheel.  Very slow ferris wheel.  I may have mentioned before that I don't like heights.  The Mr took a lot of pictures.  I was there.  Enough said.  ;-)

Dinner was French at Cote Brassiere.  Tasty, but we were so tired (still hanging on to our jetlag) it was hard to enjoy it fully.

The Mr takes my picture - you can see the red banners at the National Gallery in the background

Me in Trafalgar Square

Admiralty Arch 

Me and The Mr in Traflagar Square

A little girl is enjoying the knife-juggler in Trafalgar Square

"Enjoying" the London Eye - I underestimated how high this went, and how long it took, and how glass the compartments are... not a fan of heights.  Great views though.

Looking down at the London Eye
The Thames

Parliament and Big Ben - looks so pretty at twilight

London Aquarium
Top of Parliament

The London Eye at Night

Day 3 started at Westminster Abbey (London Pass). I can't say enough about what an amazing place that is. So full of history. And architecturally and artistically stunning.  And of course the site of the upcoming royal event.  You've probably heard about it.  We couldn't take pictures (grr) but later in the trip we took some fabulous night shots. I'll post them along the way.

We then went to the house in which Benjamin Franklin lived (London Pass) which was a fun quick museum.  We had lunch at the Sherlock Holmes Pub (yum) and then headed across the river to the National Theatre where we took a backstage tour (London Pass).  Again, no photography.

We had dinner at Mela (London Pass), and Indian restaurant that had good food, was warm inside and decent service.
The Mr at the Benjamin Franklin House

Herman Melville lived here - there are blue signs all over the city showing where various famous folk lived throughout the years

Chatting with the folks back home after a backstage tour of the National Theatre

Then time to head back the the hotel and get some rest.  We had another busy day ahead!

Have you ever been to London?  What were (or would be) your favorite things to do?


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  1. Two of our favorite places were the Victoria and Albert Museum and Hampton Court Palace where Henry the 8th lived.