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Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Being a Step Mom - Privacy

The Girl and The Boy are on the internet. The Girl is on A LOT.

We don't filter what they get to see and where they get to go.

However, both The Mr and I are well-versed in technology. We both have worked in IT. I was the webmaster for our (Fortune 50) company.

So, I know how to figure out where they go. And what they do when they get there. And the things they have written on their message boards.

And I consider it my responsibility to know.

We've told both Children that we have the ability to know what they do on the internet and to behave accordingly. We've even demonstrated that we know things that they have done.

I'm certain that The Girl (12 years old and beginning to exhibit all the signs of teen angst) considers this an invasion of her privacy.

My thinking is, it's not private if it's on the internet.

Besides which, we need to make sure they make good decisions and grow up to be well-adjusted, productive members of society. Or at least able to take care of themselves once they leave home.

That's our job.

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