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Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy busy busy!

We had an incredibly busy weekend. But I think we got a lot accomplished. Let's see if I can remember how it went...

Friday night:
  • got home from work, started to make dinner
  • got The Children after their various activities
  • made the dough for Saturday night's pizza
  • ate dinner
  • did laundry


  • slept in until almost 10:30! OK, I actually woke at about 6:30 when The Boy got up, but at least I didn't actually get up until around 10:30
  • ran some errands - Home Depot, Michaels, Frys
  • ate lunch - Chipotle
  • spent two hours in the drainage ditch behind our house pulling weeds
  • refused to argue with The Boy when he decided that weeding was too difficult of a job for a 9 year old - it is a job for at least a 12 year old, which, coincidentally, is how old The Girl is. The Boy lost TV for the rest of the day. The Girl was thrilled that The Boy was in trouble. Ahhh... family harmony.
  • Showered and took The Girl to her youth group outing
  • rewired the webcams and sound bridge on the patio
  • made "Chicken Parmesaan Pizza" for The Mr, The Boy and myself. Yum!
  • worked (unsuccessfully so far) on getting my laptop to work at the speed that our new router enables.
  • picked up The Girl from her youth group activity
  • did laundry
  • washed dishes


  • got up, ready and got The Children to their church by 9:20
  • met The In-Laws for brunch
  • stopped at Home Depot for more irrigation supplies and a screen repair supplies to fix the door that The Girl broke
  • encouraged The Girl to complete her sceince project, due first thing in the morning
  • fixed the screen door
  • cleaned the fish tank
  • replaced all the front yard sprinklers
  • did more laundry
  • baked Tuscany Tomato Basil Bread for dinner
  • went grocery shopping
  • packaged the bulk meat we bought
  • started the rosemary roast pork
  • cleaned up the house for dinner with The In-Laws
  • encouraged The Boy to do his reading homework
  • ate dinner
  • cleaned up after dinner
  • continued to "encourage" The Girl to complete her project (despite the fact that she would rather look at American Idol websites)
  • folded more laundry
  • finished the science project and managed to get everyone off to bed so we could start all over again with a new week

Busy but productive. Maybe there's some relaxing in the weekend ahead? We'll see when we get there!

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