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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Best Vegas Vacation - Part 2

For The Mr's actual birthday, we spent the day generating adrenaline! Our first stop - the shooting range, where we shot a variety of weapons (including a few automatic weapons!).

The Mr...

Me (note my pink headset for hearing protection)...

The Brother-In-Law...

... and my Dad. Dad did the best of all of us. Apparently you do not want to cross him!
We moved on to Mini Gran Prix racing. What fun! The Mr was the best here, though I did pretty well too. The cars were one-size-fits-all... and we are not all one size. I had a hard time keeping in my seat while turning those crazy curves!

Then we found the best place in Vegas to watch the sunset - the top of the Stratosphere! Well, best if you are not terrified of heights, which I unfortunately am.

I love this shot of the shadow of the Stratosphere over Vegas. Gives a bit of perspective as to how high we are.

The Mr and I with Vegas in the background.

The whole family went to the top...

... but only The Mr, Dad, my Sis (taking the picture) and I were crazy brave enough to ride the Big Shot (the ride that shoots you up in the air at 4 Gs and pulls you down at -3 Gs). See how "relaxed" I look? ;-)

The ride turned out to be pretty fun. I can say that because I am no longer at the top. Thank goodness!

This is a shot of the Flamingo, across the street from our hotel, and on the way to our big finale!

Tomorrow - The Big Finale!

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  1. We live in Vegas so it's always fun to hear people enjoy their visit here.