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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Random Thursday Stuff

Lots of random thoughts in my head today...

  • Thanks for your prayers for The Mr's uncle Blue.  They are still trying to figure out what needs to be done for him, and he is sedated and restrained today so that he cannot do any damage to his sutures.  His wife (The Boy calls her Aunt Charlie) is doing a lot better today though, and continues to be so strong.
  • The Boy had his karate test tonight - he needs to retest on one small item next week, but otherwise had a great test!  He'll likely move to Orange Belt 2nd Degree next week!
  • We're planning for retirement - I'm hoping our hobby job will involve a seaplane and living in Kaua'i.
  • Some fun news - I applied to Weight Watchers several months ago.  My meeting leader thought I would make a good leader, so I sent in an application.  A few weeks ago, they called me and offered me a job as an At-Work leader!  It's a very part-time job, but I'm so exicted to help people learn what I've learned.  What a great opportunity for me to give back!
  • I've been reviewing my google analytics.  If anyone knows anyone in Delaware or Montana, could you send them over?  I'm missing visitors from those two states!  :-)
  • Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Just have to get through Friday.

And in my never-ending quest to become a better photographer, I was playing with my camera settings today.  Here's a sample of what came out:

Hope your Thursday was wonderful!

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  1. What pretty flowers and CONGRATS on your part time job. It will be so very rewarding to help people in that way.