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Monday, June 01, 2009

Dealing with Body Image

I've spent a lot of time in the last year thinking about body image.    As many of you may remember, I recently lost about 75 pounds.   (Weight Watchers - it works!)

I post these pictures as a reference.  This is in fact what I see when I look in the mirror.  I'm 5'4".  Those jeans are size 2.  So I know that I am in pretty good shape here.  I'm thinner now than I can ever remember being, and I know my weight loss has taken ten years off my looks.  This is good stuff.


But this isn't what I see in my mind's eye.  I've been comfortable with my self-worth separate from my looks for a long time (something for which I am quite thankful).  So my self-worth does not really suffer for my distorted body image.  Still, I wonder when my mind's eye will see what is in the mirror...

And I am beginning to truly understand what a problem a negative body image can be.  I've spent some time reading about it - this is a great resource:

We need to figure out how to to raise the next generations of girls to be comfortable in their own bodies and value who they are inside as opposed to merely what they look like on the outside.

Does anyone else out there struggle with this?

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  1. Wow, congratulations on the 75 lbs. You look great! I struggle because I still have many pounds to lose. I remember when I was thinner though, I thought I looked awful. I wish I looked like I did then.

  2. i absolutely struggle with this, and agree with you. thanks for sharing! look FABULOUS!

  3. I know I struggle with this too. I didn't use to, but then I went to a college that was all about appearances, and I started to feel "fat." However, I think you look awesome! I will check out that website though.

  4. Go weight watchers!!! Congrats on your weight loss! As one get's older, I don't worry about a scale anymore. I just like what I see in the mirror. That's what counts!!

    - Jennifer

  5. Holy cow, you look FANTASTIC!!!! I agree completely with what you said. We need to encourage the women of tomorrow to be the BEST they can be!

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss! Do you have a post about your journey to lose 75 lbs? I would love to read your story. I joined WW a few weeks ago for the millionth (it seems) time and would love any advice you could share.

  7. 75lbs! You look great!! :)

  8. You look nothing short of FANTASTIC! You shoudl be SO proud of yourself for making a healthy life change!!