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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just love all my new blog friends. Who would have thought that I would "meet" so many wonderful people around the world?!

Some people I know IRL that I wish blogged:
  • my sister
  • my law school friend Lynne
  • my friend from forever Noreen
  • Lisa, who takes amazing photographs
  • Patrick, who lives in NC, whose views are completely opposite of mine in many ways, but is totally entertaining
  • Heather & Jon, who live too far away to see, and whose kids are growing up so fast!
  • Scott in WI, who runs his own homebrew business and lives in a log home raising lots of interesting things like bees and chickens and hogs, and has an adorable little boy
  • my former co-worked Darcy, who is now living in Italy with her husband and little girl

You never know... maybe one of them reads this and will take the hint!

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  1. Thanks for becoming one of my followers :)

    Hope you're having a great day!

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