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Monday, September 19, 2011


Do you ever wonder what your pet sees during the day?  I suppose I didn't until I saw these on at a very low price.  Pet's Eye View cameras!

Your pet wears it on his collar and the camera takes a picture every 1, 5 or 15 minutes.  You can download them onto your computer and see what's he's been up to.

Here's some of the things they captured:

The sofa and love seat.

Another cat.

The patio.... where they all want to go until they get out there...

Lights on the floor.

A different cat.

OK, not terribly exciting.  Another thing that we discovered was that they like to drink.  And when they drink, the camera likes to sit in the water.  Or actually, the camera doesn't like to sit in the water and decides to stop working.  

Then we had a great idea - if AnnaCam and MorganCam were fun, what would zentmrsCam and TheMrCam be like?  So we used them on our trip to London and Paris, and on our trip to Chicago.  Mostly we attached them to our bags, either my purse/backpack or the camera bag.  So mostly they take pictures of where we have been.  Here's some of the fun sites:


Kensington Park

Hard Rock Cafe in London - some random people at a nearby table.

London tube station

National Gallery in London

Trafalgar Square (The Mr is taking a picture of me... while taking a picture of me!)

Some random people at a train station

The bus to Stonhenge

My sis at Windsor Castle

Snacking on the bus to Bath

On to Paris!  The Eifel Tower

Gift shop at the Louvre

Now Chicago... The Mr on his way to dinner with friends...

Said friends at dinner...

No, these pictures are not great quality.  They are not even good quality.  And they are definitely not the only pictures we took on our adventures.  But it has been really quite fun to see just what surprises are waiting inside our little Cams!

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  1. That's too clever! I've always wanted to put a camera on a toddler...I think the view would be pretty entertaining.

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