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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Disney Christmas

Our present from my in-laws every year is a trip for the family to Disneyland. I love this kind of present - an experience is wonderful!

This year we went on a Monday. On Monday's Disneyland is not open until midnight (which we would prefer) but going on a Monday is totally worth it because there are not many people! I LOVE it when there are no crowds!

Though I took the camera with me, I didn't take many pics. Here are a couple of nice ones:

The Family (minus The Girl - she was already off with her friend by this time.... our gift to her is letting her take a friend with her and letting her hang out by herself to the extent that she wants to)

The Family in the sleigh - this is right outside where the turkeys that are pardoned by the President live

The Boy and I with Pluto!

My personal favorite - The Mr and me!


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  1. My favorite is the last one too! Wow, what an amazing gift!