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Monday, October 25, 2010

On a Monday

Whew. We've had a super busy several weeks.

- getting used to my new job {it's been fun, but hard to get used to not being the expert at my job.... it will come though}

- getting ready for our upcoming cruise {halleluja! we are in desparate need of a vacation and some SUN!}

- planning for the holidays {just found out that my beautiful niece and her wonderful hubby will be visiting us over the Thanksgiving weekend! yea!}

- getting the house ready for visitors this week {my sis is staying with us for a couple of days before the cruise, and my parents will be here afterwards}

- watching The Mr perform in his annual concert over the weekend {the concerts were FABULOUS! certainly worth all of the effort and time}

- enjoying time with a visiting old friend {haven't seen my friend, now an engineer for NASA, for 20 years maybe... back in the days when he was an art student, I was a journalism student, we both lived in MN and had many philosophical conversations over beer and pizza... back in the days when I drank beer and ate pizza... ;-) very fun to catch up on the last 20+ years and The Mr and I enjoyed some great meals and conversation. good to see you!}

- celebrating my FIL's birthday {75!}

- enjoying a couple of kid-free weeks {they were on vacation with their mom over their fall break, came back last night and had fun telling us all about their trip. good to get back to normal.}

I love being busy, but I'm ready for a break. Good thing the holidays are coming. Ha ha ha. (I mean ho ho ho?) I'm hoping the rotten rainy weather stops for a couple of days so that I can get my garden in order. It does look incredibly green and lush, but it could use some SUN!

How is your week starting?


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