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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Holiday Readiness - Gift List

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64 days until Christmas... and I am still determined to have a stress-free holiday season. I've been working on organizing our gift-giving. We set a budget for each person and I've made a list of ideas for all of our gifts.

Some people are easy - The Boy loves (LOVES!!) Lego Star Wars. If he got nothing but Lego Star Wars for Christmas, he would be extremely happy. Early in the year we purchased all of the new Lego Star Wars sets, and put together a Google spreadsheet with the item, cost and a link to a picture of the item. We shared this with our family so that they could easily find something that The Boy would like. The family signs up for the Lego set they like and pay us instead of a store. Works really well!

We've also purchased gifts throughout the year. We need to take them all out of our gift closet and see what we have and what we still need. My goal is to finish all of our Christmas shopping prior to Thanksgiving. We've got a good start - now just need to follow through!

Are you a last minute shopper? Do you shop throughout the year? Somewhere in between? Why?

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  1. I'm like you - I'm determined to have a stress free holiday season! Determined!
    I've been shopping all year and I'm about halfway done with my shopping. I know what I'm getting everyone, I just have to get it! Ha!

  2. Girl I have already completed about 85% of my orders. I plan on being stress free and enjoying myself 100% this year too. :) XOXO