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Friday, September 18, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Summer

We had a really fabulous summer! I enjoyed a blogging hiatus, and look forward to the start of fall and blogging again.

Now that summer is nearly officially over (though here in San Diego summer lingers for a bit longer and in fact the record high temperature ever here was recorded on September 26, 1963) I thought I would reflect on some of the fun things we did...

  • Spent the 4th of July aboard the USS Midway
  • Visited the world famous San Diego Zoo

  • And the Wild Animal Park!

  • Saw Topol in his farewell tour of "Fiddler on the Roof" - fantastic!
  • Ate tons of fresh strawberries
  • Built a beautiful bird bath fountain
  • Celebrated The Girl's 12th birthday (heaven help us - the teen years are looming)
  • Took a day off to play at a water park
  • Saw Spamalot!
  • Had fun with light and photography
  • Spent many evenings strolling through our neighborhood
  • Bought Guitar Hero World Tour (and spent many evenings playing it!)
  • Fed gallons of hummingbird food to our little friends
  • Saw Star Trek, The Terminator and Harry Potter in the theater
  • Read a ton of books and magazines
  • Watched Evita, Cloverfield, Hotel Rwanda, Seven Pounds, Crash, 88 Minutes, Apocolypto, Hitch and We Are Marshall (thanks to NetFlix) among others
  • Enjoyed time with friends and family
  • Celebrated with the family at our 40th Annual Family Reunion!

  • And last, and by no means least - celebrated THE END OF CANCER TREATMENTS with my sister!

    She's in the middle -doesn't she look great?!

    Hope you all had wonderful summers too!

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